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Gabriel Star offers consultancy services that help housing associations achieve their mission. Our work provides assurance and improves operating margins whilst maintaining value for money. We’ve grown by offering excellent customer service and you’ll find our references are second to none. Innovation and improvement run through our veins and we’re keen to help implement progress within the housing sector.

Our business plan assurance on either Brixx or Sector Models offer peace of mind, whilst our business plan optimisation incorporates a holistic look at all factors that may help or hinder strategic delivery. Business planning is not something that is performed upon a housing association, it’s a story that is written alongside a housing association and the story should explain how it will achieve its mission. Often a mission incorporates growth, but not always. Exploring how a housing association should grow is what we do best; there are debates to be had about non-social tenures, expected returns and geographic areas. All of which are areas where we can take a leading role in facilitating the discussion.

Our process reviews offer the opportunity to have the sectors best practice implemented in a variety of areas. Best practice is a concept that has to be tailored to each organisation and it’s culture, but we are confident you’ll find the sector wide experience we can call upon useful.

We’re driven because we understand that even small changes make a difference to people’s lives. Each and every £9,000 profit made leads to the ability to service the debt on one more unit. One more unit means one more vulnerable family housed. One more family housed, means children’s lives enhanced and the future re-shaped.

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