Big Data Increases Rent Collection to 99%

We at Gabriel Star have launched an advertorial campaign to promote our ability to help HA’s and local authorities increase their rent collection rates.

Big data is a term given to using relatively new found techniques to search for mathmaticaly proven relationships. For example…direct debits uptake may be linked to decreased bad debt.

Ok..ok…that was an easy example that a human could spot. But big data explores all opportunities.

We recognise that an average unit in the South East now costs £200,000 to build…with traditional debt and private placement funding ranging between 4.7% – 5.5%; it means that collecting just £10,000 more rent could service the loan on another unit.

Help yourself grow effeciently and click the link and call us today:

[Click on the link to the right to see our advertorial] >Big Data & The 99% Rent Collection Rate

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