BRAVO Social Housing Asset Management

Let everyone in your company realise the full potential of BRAVO, the social housing asset management tool that empowers real decisions to be made at all levels, from scheme manager to chief executive.


Bravo is the preferred supplier of Zoopla desktop valuations. In a real life example, a desk top valuation of a portfolio worth over £1bn came to within £35k of a comparable RICS valuation. That’s a 0.04% variation. Some automated desktop valuations get a bad press. Ours is different, ours is driven by national statistics, trend analysis, sales, and expert social housing knowledge.

Bravo also has the capacity to generate 99 valuations. These are key to the rent setting process for all social rented units. If you’ve added value to your stock through refurbishment, but haven’t re-calculated the 99 value, you may be missing out on thousands of under estimated rent.

Family Silver

By utilising desktop valuations Bravo calculates the benefits from converting units to either market rent or outright sale instantly and allows senior management to grasp the magnitude of their stocks intrinsic worth.

This information facilities “Living Will” analysis, now essential work as guided by the HCA. Senior managers will be able to identify which assets can be used to offset a cataclysmic financial event.

Active Asset Management

You can now run tenure change analysis quicker than ever before. You have the potential to embed maximum added value within your housing association. You can identify which units would generate the largest surplus per conversion. Bravo facilitates modelling by scheme manager, by area and by total population.

Impairment Testing

Our valuations have helped housing associations with impairment testing en massè. Never has impairment testing been so efficient and easy to grasp.

Performance Analysis

Bravo’s reports are designed to be punchy. Punchy because they are concise and informative. Bravo has taken inspiration from a lot of sources; from Bloomberg & IBM to Sky News & Supercell. Information is beautiful, and Bravo shows it off at its best.

A suite of reports are designed to cover areas to focus on, areas that should be discussed at scheme managers 1 to 1’s and budget monitoring.

Within the social housing sector, it is common to hear of asset performance reports being conducted every few years, costing thousands. With Bravo the analysis has truly been done for you, and is only a click away.


Bravo is currently developing a security management module. Add clarity and a robustness to how your collateral is managed. Professional reports readily available to your lenders on a read only self serve basis. Contact us now to learn more.

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