Bravo Automated Property Valuation

Bravo provides current market valuations and expected rental estimates quickly, cheaply and accurately.

Bravo uses a powerful property database containing millions of data-points overlaid with Gabriel Star’s own algorithm. The algorithm hones accuracy using critical datasets pertinent to the social housing sector.

Bravo is especically useful to valuing social housing properties because…

  • Bravo handles garages where our competitors do not (single, double, off road, on road parking).
  • Bravo handles cavity wall insulation.
  • Bravo takes into account recent major repair spend.
  • Bravo handles the area and construction method in line with red book valuation guidelines where our competitors do not.

Try Bravo Automated Valuations: <HERE>


Download guidance on populating the template: <~$Bravo Template Guidance>

Download a copy of the template: <Bravo Valuation Template Download – Social Housing>


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