Business Planning: HAs LAs & Charities

We offer business planning for housing associations, local authorities and charities.

I don’t like the phrase “business planning” – it sounds all too nondescript. Surely a sensible and intelligent person can calculate how much money is coming in and out every year, and if there is money left over…use it to expand?

We can help with the nuts and bolts calculations as mentioned above…and we are good at the basics. We implore you to ask for references. However, we also try and tackle the subtler but potentially as important aspects of business planning. Let me explain via a few rhetorical questions…who doesn’t like a rhetorical question list? Don’t answer that.

1) What are the profiles of your average client / customer? If you’re a housing association and you enter into building shared ownership units what staircasing assumptions are you taking?

We’ll encourage a system of collecting the information of who applies for your units, who is successful, and who (on average) leads to bad debts, staircasing or even eviction. The reason why this is such a BIG deal is that lack of product knowledge can lead to noncompetitive behavior through over prudent assumptions in project appraisals, and in the specific case of housing associations; an evicted shared ownership tenant is typically a unit lost and a step away from achieving the mission of the company.

2) Do you find errors in your business plan? We’ll double check. Sounds simple? It is simple, however we’ve learnt that humans make mistakes, and it’s a darn site easier to spot mistakes if your not the author of the work. We bring diligence, integrity and skill. We can help check your Brixx, Sector or excel business plans.

3) Comprehensive approach to providing assurance. We know where to look. Everywhere. We have found errors in loan books, security forecasts (how much security is left to use against future loans), assumption differences between scheme appraisals and business plans, opening balances, malfunctioning objects within Brixx and many more. Use our experience and gain assurance that the future is heading in the right direction.

4) Would you like a “completer finisher” on your side? We present, deliver summary or full reports to the exec or board as your require.

We have the capacity to help even in your busy times.

If you are in any doubt of our credibility please do contact Suzanne Forster (FD at Vididian HA), Mat Fox (Former CEO of Virdian HA), Robin Graham Adriani (Assistant Director of Treasury at East Thames HA) or Chris Doherty (FD at Greensleeves Org).



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This image was taken at the London Design Museum: Architecture display Aug 2014, A copy of this original image is available upon request for free.


We are also writing a book…”What does good look like? How to improve your HA”. It’s in draft format at the moment, but to watch our progress pleas click here and feel free to leave feedback. Not too many curse words please.


What there is more? Yes More! We also offer free or no success – no fee business planning to small deserving charities. Just ask, illumaink, or the Bromley by Bow Community Centre. All of which have recieved hours of free work and advice. If you’d like to apply for free advice just leave a link to your site in the comment box below or email. Easy as pie.


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