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About Capital Resolve

Established in 1981, Capital Resolve is one of the UK’s leading providers of Debt Recovery and Tracing Solutions. We pride ourselves in delivering professional and innovative services that produce outstanding net returns to our clients. We combine in-house designed systems and cutting edge technology platforms with intense and comprehensive recovery and trace strategies. These strategies are supported by a high level of ethical and leading industry compliance practices.

We have invested heavily in our workforce through a comprehensive training and mentoring program, and we provide an accreditation scheme that allows our personnel to develop to their optimum level within our organisation. Operating within an industry that has become increasingly focused on headcount, seat numbers, and automated bulk processing, we are proud to have remained independent, thus allowing us to operate outside the many operational and profit driven constraints that much larger agencies are forced to work under. We have consistently demonstrated that it is possible to match and outperform our competitors by using bespoke strategies that are flexible and adaptable, without any loss in service quality or compliance adherence.

Our success has been achieved by avoiding a ‘one size fits all’ approach and by delivering a personalised service, combined with competitive pricing structures that comply with in-depth 3rd party audit requirements.

Culture in line with the social housing sector

We have developed within our company specific processes for dealing with vulnerable customers, and to ensure that all customers are treated fairly. Although we will apply intense and comprehensive strategies in the recovery of debts, we also recognise that some customers will require a more sympathetic, sensitive and practical approach. We endeavour to take into consideration the needs of vulnerable customers throughout the debt recovery process, and are committed to work extensively with third parties where necessary.

In undertaking the recovery of monies owed to our clients we can call upon a wide range of methods to assist in the collection process, but we will ensure that when dealing with vulnerable customers these strategies will only be used when all other options have been exhausted, and where all statutory processes have been correctly followed.

Treating Customers Fairly

Long before TCF became an area of focus we had embedded our core value of fair treatment to everyone within our working culture ensuring that employees are trained to provide a professional and polite service, acting both quickly and sympathetically in all cases of financial difficulty.

We will take the individual circumstances of a customer into consideration when dealing with each account and we will work with external money advice agencies, charities and care professionals to ensure that anyone who is classed as vulnerable is dealt with in a suitable manner.

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