Our pricing structure is designed to put the housing provider in a no lose situation. Only once we have successfully recovered debt will you pay any fees. Even then, we believe that our fees are fair.

Fees are depending on how old the debt is and whether this is the first or second time you have tried to recover the debt.

Our first package enters your data, uses our unique tracing technique and a tailored approach to contacting customers to recover debt. This is then paid directly to you less fees.

Our second package provides you with not only greater support to populate and clean your data at the start, but enables you to set up long term submissions and make assumptions on your collections and debt patterns. The increased regularity in submission saves you time and improves recovery. The feedback loop created by our feedback reports ensures continuous improvement.

Let’s imagine that you had a previous tenant that moved on leaving four weeks rent at £122 per week unpaid. You have tried to recover this before. The debt is from 2 years ago. This is therefore 2nd pass 2 year old debt. Our charges would therefore be 40% of the debt recovered if you opt for package 1 or 50% if you opt for package 2.