Data Cleansing

There is no bigger drain on rent & service charge recovery than inaccurate data. We provide a full data audit and cleanse, often free when you take out our trace and collect service. There is a direct correlation between how clean data is and the bad debt recovery percentage.

 Cleaner data equals more money.

 Clean accounts decreases audit time.

 Partial information held over 2 systems leads to decreased rent collection.

Data Profiling

We believe housing associations need to develop a good understanding of their tenants. This not only helps to further meet tenants needs but also works to guide HA’s forward. For example housing associations that understand the demographic who apply for their shared ownership units can target their marketing campaign at that data segment. Data profiling enables HA’s to better serve the needs of the varying population.

 Shared ownership data: who’s applying, who’s buying, who’s keeping up with payments?

 General needs: who’s over using repairs & maintenance? Who’s paying rent & service charges?

Our easy to use Data Cleansing Software will :

  • Remove duplicate records from your lists or databases
  • finger-1
  • Maximise the value of your data assets
  • finger-1
  • Link disparate data sources to deliver a Single Customer View (SCV)
  • finger-1
  • Deliver Master Data Management (MDM) projects
  • finger-1
  • Improve systems that collect data from source
  • finger-1

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