About Us

Gabriel Star and leading debt recovery agency Capital Resolve have come together to provide a unique arrears recovery service to the Housing sector. We have called this service Cornerstone.

Cornerstone has been born from complementary expertise and a passion for the social housing sector and has helped our clients successfully collect debt where others have failed.

We provide assurance that tenant vulnerability and ability to pay are prioritised with a desire for you to optimise what is the lifeblood of your social business.

Let Us Help

Let us help where others may have failed! Our specialist package takes this further with the aim to not only collect debt but also to equip providers with a data analytics service that will enable them to minimise the occurrences of future tenant arrears. By utilising our specialist approach, providers can move forward with greater knowledge of the arrears trends occurring within their unique tenancy population.

From the very beginning Cornerstone will work to provide a package that will support you at every stage of the process from populating the inaugural data sheet you provide us with to setting up automated future data submission.

Why Us?

Both Gabriel Star and Capital Resolve serve multiple housing associations; this has educated us in the nuisances and requirements of social housing. Statistical analytics gathered over a number of years within the sector and experience of debt recovery has provided a powerful insight into how to improve both collection rates and prevent arrears at source.

We provide assurance that tenant vulnerability and ability to pay are balanced with a desire for you to optimise what is the lifeblood of your social business. Our points of contact with former residents are sensitive, professional and measured. This approach has yielded very strong results to date.

We support you to populate your data saving you time. We show you how you can clean up your data to receive maximum success.
(Package 2)
Data is run through Gabriel Star’s Wolf Cluster tracing software simultaneously to market leading tracing techniques employed by Capital Resolve maximising chances of success.
(Packages 1 & 2)
In circumstances where a tenant is unable to pay in full we will negotiate an affordable and sustainable repayment plan.
(Packages 1 & 2)
We contact the tenant in a manner that presents minimal aggravation and demonstrates an awareness of some of their financial constraints, but has also maintained a market leading collection rate.
(Packages 1 & 2)
The collections are paid directly to you net of charges! See our pricing page for more details on our 'no risk' set up.
(Packages 1 & 2)


Cornerstone support you to set up the automated submission of data over the long term, saving your team valuable time. Our technical team can work with most systems to extract data efficiently and in the most useful format.
(Package 2)
Data is then analysed by Cornerstone on a timely basis, allowing you to gauge how your collections are performing in relation to your peers and how to minimise future arrears.
(Package 2)

No Risk

Capital Resolve ethical partners to Gabriel Star. Find out more about how our no risk pricing works: Read More

Find out more about our ethical partners Capital Resolve:Read More

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