Automated Tracing Tool Helps Debt Collection in Housing Associations

With the onset of Welfare Reform fully coming into affect this year, many housing associations are targeting bad debts as an area for process improvement. It is certainly an area to understand and save money where possible.

A written off debt comes straight off the bottom line, it hurts cash, accounting results and covenant headroom.

That’s why Gabriel Star have developed a tool to help housing associations trace former tenants who have left with arrears owing.

Reclaiming these bad debts could cost up to as much as £45 per search using traditional large data warehouses such as Medina and Experian. They carry exorbitant overheads that are built into their costs. We don’t, and we’re automated. We allow searches for as little as 20p per search. Yes! 20p. That’s an incredible saving.

Our prices remain low because we are confident you’ll continue to come back to us.

Our tool works by scouring search engines for data held within your systems. It replicates what a logical human would do, only much…much quicker and more accurately.

A human may search for a mobile number: say 07971234567, but the same number may need to be plugged into various search engines to search as much of the web as possible. That number may need to be searched for as a broken numeric string to reflect how it may have been typed. Eg. 07971 234 567 or 07971-234567.

This tool searches for variants on all mobiles, land lines, postcodes and addresses, returning all the useful matches and excluding those that are unhelpful. Let’s think about that…this doesn’t return searches where part of the land line matches the bar code for a pair of shoes…it filters that out, thus saving the time of the human looking.

This product both helps earn and save money. All for 20p per search!

References from the Chief Exec at Viridian Housing Association available at request.

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Please click here to see a slide show of how the tool works.

Daniel Murphy
Director of Gabriel Star Ltd

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