All housing associations face a fine balance between delivering value for money and allocating sufficient resources to ensure essential data is maintained. In recent history we’ve seen a spate of unfortunate downgrading’s due to data errors. In many cases these could have been prevented.

Maintaining and capturing correct data is often driven by culture and individuals operating within varying levels of process. However, with all the will in the world, employees come and go and data will need to be cleansed on mass at intermittent points in time.

The next problem is that a mass assurance and correction project is hard to embed within day to day work, and thus these items have a tendency to sit on the back burner.

Our diligent data cleansing is aimed solely at the social housing sector. We offer a service that allows you to succeed in delivering assurance within set timescales and cost. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and a free quote.

We have worked with

  • viridian
  • orbit

  • redkite
  • genesis

  • towerh
  • ymca
  • chapter 1new

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