Shared Ownership Retirement Homes Greenwich FOR SALE

Viridian Housing is proud to offer exceptionaly high quality shared ownership retirement units at Halton Court.

The living experience at Halton Court is hightened by an in-house high quality slow cost restaurant. The restaurant is modern but affordable. I’m currently Head of Development Finance at Viridian and I’ve taken my girlfriend to Kidbrooke jsut to sample the food. Our evening meals were delightful and less than £4 each…I encourage interested parties to get in go in an sample a meal. No booking required.

The standard of the open air internal courtyard set on the 3rd floor is remarkable. It is simply a great socialising space that offers great views.

The homes have been developed by Berkley Homes, and in conjuction with Viridian’s very high standards. If you are looking at retirement options or you are looking on behalf of a family member please do not hesitate to get in touch…they are selling fast. We are currently down to our last handful of properties.

1 and 2 bedroom shared ownership apartments with balconies are available.

Please post a comment to share your experiences of Greenwich’s newest and most desireable shared ownership retirement properties.

Eligable partied must be over 50 to purchase one of these properties.

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