Trace And Collection of Former Tenant Arrears

A Service That Suits Your HA


Our Bronze package allows Housing Associations to make use of the Gabriel Star Automated Tracing Tool [GSATT]. It is a powerful tool for those HA’s who’d like a DIY approach to managing tenant arrears. It’s very popular because it cuts down the time a tenant arrears officer will need to dedicate to surfing the net to find former tenants. It’s fast, it’s simple and at only 20p per search…it’s at a price all can afford.


Our Silver package is for Housing Associations who’d like the full trace and collect service provided to them by Gabriel Star (powered by Capital Resolve). Gabriel Star has worked with Capital Resolve to tailor the collection process to best fit the needs of a housing association.

This includes a dedicated, professional  and amiable approach to dealing with both the tenants and your tenant arrears officer(s).

Gabriel Star and Capital Resolve use their skills to improve the quality of data being recovered from your systems inevitably increasing the rent recovered ratio. We only get paid if we recover rent arrears. We also offer a 3 month trial period, we believe you’ll be impressed. The silver package also allows free use of the GSATT saving £££’s.


Our Gold package is to help HA’s move towards the best debt collectors in the land. For example, utility companies such as British Gas typically pass debt on 6 times, where as most housing associations only attempt to collect it once. Gabriel Star and Capital Resolve are specialists in 2nd and 3rd passes. The costs are higher (as there is less chance of recovery and more work involved) but it would be a crime not to bring some money in when it would otherwise be written off. We believe most HA’s would benefit from our service in this field.

Each £9,000 recovered helps service the debt on a new unit for a year. That’s an easily achievable amount for a team with our skill and experience. Help solve the housing crisis, impress your boss, and deal with our friendly team.

Both Daniel Murphy (MD of Gabriel Star) and Bernie Phillips (CEO of Capital Resolve) would welcome 30 minutes of your time to walk through how we can help.

The GSATT is also included for free within the Gold package. 



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